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Muscletech Gakic 2.0 128 Caplets


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  • Brand: MuscleTech


Immediate 10.5% increase in strength
Boost fatigue resistance by up to 28%
Works from the very first dose

Scientifically Researched Non-Stimulant Strength Enhancer

The rules of musclebuilding are simple: hit the gym hard, hit it often and keep getting stronger. The only problem in your relentless and noble efforts is that getting stronger can sometimes take months, even years. And lack of strength means lack of muscular gains. But you can overcome this problem with the revolutionary, GAKIC 2.0!

GAKIC 2.0 supplies a scientific dose of GAKIC. This advanced complex was formulated to deliver effective and significant increases in strength and muscle endurance with just one dose. GAKIC 2.0 helps you perform at your best during your toughest workouts without the need for creatine or stimulants. The massive gains you get from GAKIC 2.0 will lead to shocking increases in power and muscle performance!

Knock Out More Reps Per Set

GAKIC 2.0 is scientifically engineered to neutralize fatigue toxins, such as ammonia, from your muscles. These toxins flood your muscles and grow greater with every single rep you squeeze out, consequently killing your strength. Scientific research shows GAKIC 2.0 increases fatigue resistance. This allows you to get in more reps during anaerobic exercise. More reps means more unparalleled muscle growth! And GAKIC 2.0 works immediately. Just take it before each workout – there’s no loading, cycling or maintenance phases and can be stacked with your pre-workout.

Subjects Immediately Increased Strength by 10.5%

In a scientific study conducted at the University of Florida, GAKIC significantly increased total muscle work performed during intense sets of resistance training by an average of 10.5%. What’s more, in the same study, GAKIC also improved average fatigue resistance by up to 28% over placebo.

GAKIC Works Immediately – Just Take It Before You Train!

Need to break out of a frustrating plateau? GAKIC 2.0 will give you the ammo you need to get more explosive reps on each and every set. Instead of reaching failure at the rate you normally would, GAKIC 2.0 can help you do more work, train more intensely and blast muscle fibers you never knew you had. We’re talking about a musclebuilding supplement designed to make every single workout your very best.

Recommended Dose (Adults)

Take 1 serving (8 caplets) up to 45 minutes before a high-intensity workout. Due to the powerful nature of this product, which works immediately and lasts throughout your training session, GAKIC 2.0 should only be used on days that you work out and at no other time. Do not exceed 1 full serving (8 caplets) in a 24-hour period. Consume ten 240mL glasses of water daily for general good health. Read the entire label before use and follow directions.


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