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Joint Care 90 Tablets


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Joint Care (Structure Care)

Joint Care is an all natural anti-inflammatory and a safe alternative to pain relief prescription drugs and Ibuprofens. Possible side effects of Ibuprofens include suppression of your immune system, stripping away the lining of the gut, kidney problems, and internal bleeding. Joint Care serves as a natural remedy to relieve pain, inflammation, and many symptoms of illness. Joint Care may actually help rebuild cartilage tissue with extended use. Some may get immediate relief of symptoms while others may notice results more gradually over time. This supplement will make a significant impact on the quality of life.

Joint Care is designed to provide the following benefits:

- Powerful, non-toxic, anti-inflammatory - helps relieve pain, inflammation, bursitis and tendonitis
- Stimulates the immune system and eliminates toxins from the body
- Helps prevent allergic reactions, such as burning of eyes, running nose, associated with allergies to dust, pollen, and molds
- Involved in formation of cartilage, nails, tendons, skin, bones, and ligaments
- Effective in stabilizing the digestive process, helping to eliminate the need for antacids.
Active Ingredients in Joint Care:

Glucosamine Sulfate - is a naturally occurring in the body to promote connective tissues and cartilage. Double blind studies have found Glucosamine provides significantly greater results than most arthritic drugs. Glucosamine is a natural analgesic, as well as, slows down and assist the body with the rebuilding of joint deterioration.

Chondroitin Sulfate - is a protein found in the cartilage assisting with pain by providing nutritional support for the repair of the joint. Chondroitin protects joints from damage. It maintain fluids within the joint cartilage providing essential nutrients that protect cartilage from being destroyed by certain enzymes.

Shark Cartilage - reduces inflammation and improves immune function. With unique principles called angiogenesis. This unique principal has been used for psoriasis, RA, and the inhibition of cancerous tumors. Shark Cartilage contains anti-inflammatory substances used to treat arthritis. Reports indicate shark cartilage used regularly helps with inflammation.

Green Lipped Mussel - is an edible shellfish native to New Zealand with a unique kind of fatty acid, ETA (Eicosatetraenoic acid). This type of Omega 3 fatty acid is the most biological active form of Omega 3’s. Green lipped mussels contain amino acids, trace minerals, and glycosaminoglycans for cartilage supporting structural issues and joints.

MSM - plays a role in the formation of amino acids. It is also crucial in the formation of RNA and DNA. Assists the body in the detoxification of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. Low levels of MSM inhibit cellular repair and increase ones susceptibility to illness and disease. MSM has been documented as a promising treatment for allergies, asthma, arthritis, emphysema, vascular conditions, and wound healing.

Amino Acids - are the building blocks from Protein. Protein is needed to assist the body in the repair process and amino acids play a part in anti-inflammatory processes.

HCL hydrochloric acid - assists the body in greater absorption of various herbs and minerals that assist the body in repair work.

CoQ10 - is made by every cell in the body to capture electrons released as the mitochondria release energy.

Vitamins - for the increased circulation, better nerve function, formation of RNA and DNA, antibody production, and encourages healthy red blood cells.

Vitamin A - essential for growth and development.

Vitamin D - needed for Calcium absorption needed for a strong structural system, healthy nervous system, encourages phosphorus metabolism.

Vitamin E - antioxidant, essential for repair work in the body, reduces muscle cramps, important for healthy skin, hair, and a healthy heart.

Multi Minerals - essential in pH regulation for a strong healthy structural system. Minerals such as Boron, works with Calcium and Magnesium for strong bone structure.


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