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NLA For Her - Her Carnitine 60 Capsules

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Her Carnitine
Premium l-Carntine/ALCAR Blend

Stimulant Free Fat Metabolizer*
Promotes Stored Fat Loss† Utilization of Fatty Acids for Fuel and Energy*
Improved Athletic Performance*

HER CARNITINE is designed to help promote fat loss, simply by converting fat into fuel.

HER CARNITINE facilitates the transfer of fatty acids into the mitochondria for cellular energy production. This process provides muscular energy by burning fat, which may also create a positive environment for an improved body composition.

What type of Supplement is Her Carnitine and what are its benefits?

Her Carnitine contains a high potency blend of l-Carnitine and Acetyl l-Carnitine (ALCAR). L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid found primarily in red meat and other animal sources. L-Carnitine is extremely effective at assisting the breakdown of energy stores in cells and utilizing fatty acids for cellular energy production. Acetyl-l-Carnitine is the more bioavailable form of l-Carnitine and helps with improving energy, mental focus, and weight loss. Essentially, supplementing with Her Carnitine will help your mitochondria produce more energy in your body by converting fat into fuel, promoting a leaner body composition.

How can Her Carnitine help you achieve your fitness goals? Her Carnitine is our stimulant free weight loss and energy supplement.

When you supplement with Her Carnitine, your body will utilize long-chain fatty acids for energy by transferring them into the mitochondria which can be used at the cellular level for energy production. Burning up and utilizing these free fatty acids for energy will expedite your fat loss goals, promoting a leaner and healthier body composition. To increase results, we definitely recommend stacking Her Carnitine with other fat burners or fat burning ingredients. The ideal fat burning combo is stacking Her Carnitine with Her CLA, Her Garcinia, and Shred Her. This combo will increase the body’s thermogenesis, help utilize free fatty acids and use them for energy, inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates, and rev your metabolism into a fat incinerating machine.cardio, long distance running and/or high intensity lifting.*


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